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    Windows 7 and 802.1x networks with 3945abg


      Hello all, i have a Dell Precision M4300 with Intel 3945ABG WIFI NIC and i just installed Windows 7 Pro

      Everything is working fine except for the wireless: unfortunately i need to use 802.1x and cisco Leap protocol.


      The problem is with latest drivers (13.4 downloaded from intel support) i get a message from intel proset utility that "the driver is not supported"


      If i try to use the drivers from Dell support website or other minor versions from Intel website i never get the Intel proset utility installed (just a small part of the proset software) and even configuring all the wireless parameters it's not connecting.


      I need definitely the intel proset utility to connect using our pre-build profiles, but no version downloaded from the web until now is working, and i tried ALL the possible setups from Intel and Dell website


      Thanks for any help