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        Yeah Doc, that was exacxtly what I was thinking. If I want to watch a Blue Ray I would wany to drop the disk into my home system and I can't really see this optical drive being used that much. Your after-thought is an interesting one. Worth investigating.

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          ... the use of "we" and "us"... (implies I am affiliated with Intel.)  Hmm, I would never have thought that.  "We" and "us" simply refers to members of and visitors to Intel's forum and those reading and posting to this thread.  "We" also refers to those following, discussing, and concerned about this issue, a general plural term that encompasses me, you, and others, thus "we".  I'm sorry if I didn't say "you guys" or "Intel's stuff is busted, they suck!"


          Regarding "need", yes, accurate information is necessary and apparently requires broadcasting far and wide multiple times, as I see statements and conclusion being made based on incomplete information, or seemingly none.  It would certainly help someone if they understood, for example, that the defective chips will not immediately fail, will happen on the SATA 2 ports only, and the use of the SATA 3 ports is unaffected and therefore recommended for use.  Questions are being asked and correct replies are being sought, yes, those people need the information.


          Note in the above paragraph, first sentence, I purposefully replaced the words "needed" with necessary, and "needs" with requires.


          Is it really the terms I use that causes your suspiscion, or the style of writing, being more formal, careful and precise?


          As a freelance writer, it never fails to amaze me how the innocent intent of a few sentences can be completely missed, and an entirely different interpretation will occur with the reader.  Beyond that, the careful use of words and the subtle creation of a tone or feeling in one or more sentences can illicit a response in the reader that goes far beyond the words used and the statements made.  Still, an author will not see things in their own words that are as clear as can be to some readers.  Facinating, and no offense intended.


          I must admit that although I might like to, I don't work for Intel.

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            Once again parsec we have the misfortune to meet through these posts...To sum things up boy,I have the same feeling as rednekcowboy and more...I really think you are just a sadist or really an intel plant...I buy intel based products,but not many may be manufacturered by Intel itself...You seem to be always saying to keep faulty products and not to return them for some ungodly reason...

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              Well thank you Listy, that's very nice of you to say.


              Your laptop sounds like a very nice one, with two 500GB drives and an Optical drive.


              One question, I'm wondering if your laptop actually has one 1 Terabyte HDD that is partioned into two 500GB "logical" drives.


              You can check that by going into the Device Manager, and then clicking on Disk Drives, and see how many entries you have.  You won't see your Blu-Ray Optical drive there, just the storage drives.  If you see two HDDs listed, then you have two.


              If you only see one, you can double-click it and in the Properties window that appears, click on the Volumes tab, and then click Populate near the bottom.  You will then see your drive letters, probably C and D.  That is one 1 Terabyte HDD partioned into two 500 GB partitions.


              Sorry if you know all of this, or are sure about having two HDDs, I am just not sure what model of Laptop you have, or how much of a PC geek you are. 


              Anyway, if you have one HDD or two, hopefully one or both are connected to the SATA 3 ports, which are not affected by the problem.


              One other issue is, on laptop mother boards, we can't assume how many SATA ports of each type it has, since laptops generally have fewer than desktops.  You can research this yourself, but please post the full model name and number of your laptop so we can hopefully find that information.


              The laptop version (called Mobile or M) of these chipsets can support the same number of SATA connections as the desktop version, six in total, two SATA 3 and four SATA 2, but in laptops they don't use the same type of connectors for cables like desktops mother boards do.  I am not sure how many of the possible six SATA ports your mother board will actually use, it is possible that all six are not available, due to the space restrictions in a laptop.  Which is why we need to check that.


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                Sorry riskss69 for not being more exact in the information that I read up in the past 5 days or so,but I have been to many sites,one after another...Anyway on one site I read that as these faulty cougar point chipsets that where shipped on the 9th,January,2011 degrade over time this leads to errors in the bitrate data transfer from these ports...Over time this problem will only get worse...Once again sorry about not getting this sites name at least,but after I come back from getting another mainboard from the same dealer that I returned my Asus P8P67 Deluxe mainboard with the faulty cougar point chipset I will do some searching for this site...I will be getting a P55 model only or maybe a core i7 870 cpu...

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                  Ok, good, I'm glad the drives were not damaged, although losing your data or OS is not insignificant.


                  I was thinking along the same lines as you are as to what caused the chipset to expire quickly.  It might also be that you used all or most of the SATA 2 ports as well as the overclocking.  Doc did make a good point about the heat generated by OCing, which is exactly what Intel said accelerates the failure of these chips, but I figured you knew that and took care of it since you are a vetran over-clocker.


                  I still wonder if the heatsinks used on the H67/P67 chipsets are to small.  The specs say they dissipate about six watts max, and have the usual 100+ degrees C max temperature that all the Intel chipsets seem to have.  One H67 mother board picture I saw just had a flat, fin-less heatsink on the chip, but six watts is not much.  For comparison, the X58 chip used with socket 1366 CPUs, has a max TDP of 24 watts, but they are quite different then the 6x chipsets.  I have many case fans in my 1366 PC, and my X58 still runs at about 55C.


                  On another subject, what do you think about the SATA 3 speeds on that PC?  Do you have any 'drives that can really try them out, and run any tests on them?  Any RAID arrays keeping them busy?

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                    My point is quite simple and is unchanged by your statements.  You are on an Intel forum, speaking as though you have some authority and using the terms "we", "us", and advising as to what you "need" from someone else describing an issue they are having.


                    It is well known that companies often have persons that are affiliated with them in some way on their forums as moles to defend and try to discredit that forums posters if they get to close to hitting the nail on the head.  I know of one certain computer manufacturer who actually had people working in shifts and the two of them outright admitted that while they didn't work for this manufacturer, they worked for another company and that company worked for that manufacturer.  On another, the person would get "freebies" from the manufacturer.  He technically did not work for that company, but he definitely benifitted by doing what he did.


                    All I'm saying is that you have been accused of this and have denied it, but using statements like those listed above, would lead one to contrue other ideas about your true intentions on this board and you should chose your words carefully.

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                      I see no need to change my writing style, as interpretations are subjective, and I stand by all my previous statements.  As any working writer can tell you, there will always be people that see things in a piece that were not intended to be there, as well as honestly not there.


                      I imagine your statements about forum "plants" are true, although I have not personally experienced that.  But the converse can also occur, where a competitor will purposefully post negative comments in the forums of their business adversaries.  How do we know who anyone posting in forums really is and whether or not they have an agenda?  That is simply the nature of unfiltered and uncensored forums.


                      In this forum, Intel personnel can be identified by their nickname that contains the word "Intel".  Intel does not seem to filter or censor posts, as there are many negative ones here that may be read.


                      The suggestion that a certain style or form of writing is inappropriate or misleading is one thing, but to recommend that style should not be used is a subtle and mild form of censorship.


                      Unless Intel informs me that I am representing myself as their agent and they want that to stop, I see no need to modify how I write.  Representing myself as such has never been, nor is my intent, and IMO I have never done so.


                      We each have our opinions, and will simply agree to disagree.

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                        Well, I had placed an order with HP for a computer with the i7 2600 in it and since have had my order Cancelled by HP -  so I would hold off on buying your computer till you hear more about the processor problem.  

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                          Sorry it has taken a few days to get back to you. We've had two floods and a cyclone 'yasi' to clean up from last week and other places not to far away are dealing with bushfires on the second anniversary of Black Saturday (176 died). I think we are having a mini armageddon.


                          Back to were we left off. The G73SW has dual HDD support for 2 x 500GB 7200rpm Hybrid Drive SSH. I wanted it this way so I could store a few movies and back up my system without clogging up the hard drive with useless data which in turn will slowing the system down. I am a bit of a geek but when I listen to you guy I realise how much I don't know about internal connections, voltage, resistors and some the terminology changes or is superseded just when I get my head around it. Without these forums I just would be a lot more ignorant. I don't really want to buy into it just to say I don't really understand George. That's probably me being ignorant again. I find these forums so helpful and appreciate the time you guys put in here, if you work for Intel or not and for that, I thank you. I can't remember what we use to do before we had access to these forums. Stay stupid or get on the phone.  In regards to Intel, I think they have been very up front about it. What more can they do, but what they have done. Maybe they took a leaf out of NVIDIA's what not to do. Cover up just bites you on the arse later and a lot harder. Public finds out you knew and tried to cover it up, it just ends in tears and it takes the company years to win back the public confidence that your not dishonest. The entire model number is  ASUS G73SW-FHD-TZ016V. Love to know how thay wired the SATA in regards to the HDD. Would really appreciate that. It's still sitting in the city waiting for me to pick it up and I'm being guided by you and what the Doc said.

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                            Listy, I noticed something that can help you, please check my thread in the link below.  It's a tool that should identify if any of the HDDs used with a H67/P67 Cougar Point chipset mother board are connected to the SATA 2 ports.  Please read my description in the thread:




                            Please let me know what the results are, and if it works for you.


                            Yes, the Aussie's (correct?) have been hit with some nasty weather lately, good luck to you all!  Where I am in a suburb of Chicago, we had about two feet of snow a week ago, and today it is 10F/-12C so it's lousy outside but at least not life threatening, unless you decide to go for a walk in your swimsuit.


                            And not to worry, it is very difficult to be a super PC nerd in all or even a few areas.  It takes time and a good deal of studying to put a dent in all the different aspects of a PC's functioning.  Since it is summer in Australia now (correct?), I'd be at the beach with (maybe...) my laptop, dodging sharks in the ocean and checking out all the young ladies...  arghh, I hate winter!!!!!!


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                              This is what I recieved back from the vendor;


                              Without having run the program, the intel (pardon the  pun) I'm getting is that they're SATAII ports. No one is sure whether they're  affected. Asus have announced that they're using old legacy drivers for the SATA  ports on their boards which means they "may" not be affected. The lack of  information is deafening.


                              So no definate answer so I sent back.


                              I can’t find any  information on what set-up they are using. Couldn’t they just  check the circuit wiring?? You didn’t get a little curious about  running a few Cougar chipsets through that program??


                              All I can find on the Asus-G73SW-FHD-TZ016V is that it has the Mobile Intel HM65 Express Chipset with a Core i7-2630QM (2.2GHz) and it effects the Q67 and QM67. I feel this is going to drag out and it maybe best to start shopping for another unit.

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                                Listy, the program from Gigabyte is useable on ANY of the affected mother boards, your's too!!  I thought you had your laptop now.  If so, simply download and install the program, if necessary, and run it.  They you'll see for yourself.  That is the point in telling you about this.  Then you can tell the shop what they don't know.  Or, download that program to a PC you can use, put it on a USB flash drive, and bring it to your shop and have them run it.


                                To answer your question:  "Couldn’t they just  check the circuit wiring??"   On a laptop, highly doubtful if not impossible.  Virtually all connections on a laptop are not done with cables or wires, the HDDs plug into a socket on the mother board that is different then the sockets used on desktops to attach SATA cables to.


                                First you'd need to take the entire laptop case apart just to see the mother board.  Second, if you could locate the circuit traces on the mother board, how would you know what their purpose is?  The chance of answering the SATA 3Gb/s or SATA 6Gb/s question by inspecting a laptop mother board is virutally zero.  Will the shop spend the time and effort to do that, even if they could?  I doubt it.


                                If ASUS told the shop they're SATA 2 ports, you're done, they could be affected by degradation in the future.  You know all the rest, the choice is yours.


                                Interestingly, ASUS still has these laptops up on their web site, as if they are, and seem to be, still for sale.  The information on their web site is rather non-technical, as is the manual, with no answers to be found in either.  But, if they were using SATA 6Gb/s interfaces, you know that would be displayed in big letters, to indicate the technical prowess of their product (sarcasm intended.)


                                So you can't buy desktop mother boards with Cougar Point chipsets, but laptops/notebooks with them are still for sale.  Not Intel's fault, and makes me wonder about ASUS.

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                                  Wow, nice looking laptop.  Not such a thrilling manual (if your looking for technical data).


                                  The response back does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.


                                  The impacted ports are the SATA II legacy ports.

                                  The SATA 3 ports are not impacted.


                                  Old legacy Drivers? I guess if you loaded no driver it would help the issue since then the port would not work (or the HDD either), Old Legacy drivers  again implies the impacted SATA II ports The issue is a physical component layer issue as described on the link above. (If it was possible to work-around this in a driver, this would be an chip errata telling you you need to use a special driver rather than a $700M recall.)


                                  Build data is the other consideration. The early versions of the chipset (before January 9, 2011) did not have the issue. The made a small change and induced this issue. Most products have a FRU or VPD (or some other name for it) but it is a build date in a data field in the BIOS screen for the system. (Sometime the build date is embedded in the serial number too)


                                  I did not find any informatation on the warranty on the web site.

                                  In the quality user manual I found a 1 year warranty statement, but it sure read like it was 1 year on the battery and did not say about the laptop.


                                  I did find this bit on Asus web site http://service.asus.com/notice/

                                  and this one http://event.asus.com/2011/SandyBridge/notice/ complete with the list of impacted Asus products and phone numbers to call if you have one.



                                  Hope the weather clears down there.

                                  All we have here is in the US northwest is rain, rain and rain. At least the weather forecasters get it right 95% of the time. (how hard is it to decide if it will be rain, scattered showers, or occasional sun breaks?)

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                                    and I thought my comment was sarcastic. 

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