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    Intel DP55WB: Hangs at BIOS for 15sec when SSD connected




      I own the Intel DP55WB mainboard. Latest BIOS from November 2010. One week ago I added a OCZ Vertex2 SSD. Also the latest firmware.


      I set the BIOS to AHCI mode, like it should be.


      But now the boot up always hangs at the BIOS for about 15 seconds and then boots up normally. This is super annoying. Without SSD it boots up instantly.


      I noticed that the RAID/AHCI ROM in my BIOS is version 8.9 which is rather old. I strongly suspect that this is the reason for the problem/hangs. Other people in different forums also have that problem.


      What can I do? Does somebody know a solution?


      Thanks guys, S.