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    Intel D975XBX MB, 4 2TB SATA drives, RAID 5, Windows 7


      I have a PC with the intel d975xbx board and four 2TB sata drives in it.  These drives are connected to the black sata connectors, not the blue.  In the BIOS (recently flashed to the latest) I have my two drives on a RAID 1 and the other two on a RAID 1 so that I have two logical drives.  When I boot with the Win 7 OEM disk, I can get to the install section where I install the Si 3114 drivers and my drives are visible, however, I see two disks with a total size of 2.7 GB.  Of course this is not correct.  I should see two disks at 2TB as a result of my RAID config.


      So, at the bottom of the screen, I have a message that windows cannot be installed on either disk and the details of the message are that the partition requires at least 8224 MB of free space.


      What I am I missing here?  Will Win 7 install in this scenario?  I'm usually quite good with this sort of thing but I'm quite stumped.