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    2500k Stuck on VGA, Sound but no Video over HDMI


      Hi All,


      Just put together a new build and everything is working great, however, I cannot get the display to switch over to HDMI.  It will output sound over hdmi just fine, but no picture.  Any Ideas would be great.  Here is what I'm running:


      Asus P8H67-M EVO mobo

      Intel 2500k

      8 GB Mushkin Siverline Ram (2*4GB)

      64 GB Kingston SSDNow SSD

      2 * 1TB HDD

      2 * 2 TB HDD

      LG Bluray 10x Reader/DVD Writer 16X w/Lightscribe

      Corsair 750 Watt Power Supply

      NMedia 8000 Case

      Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1


      Any help is much appreciated.  While it's not life threatening or anything, it is extremely annoying.