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    Issue with DP55KG and XFX 5770 Video Adapter


      This has been a long battle with the DP55KG motherboard. I have had to do many updates just to get this system functioning with most of the original component I bought. It wasn't until I got the latest bios installed that I was able to get all 4 memory DIMM's working. The last issue I have is trying to get my XFX HD-577X-ZNFC 5770 graphics card to work. When I install this card I get a E6 code on the motherboard and that as far it ill go. I have replaced the video card once before thinking that maybe the card was bad but the replacment does the same thing. Oddly enough the 5770 will work in a D945GPM system. For an extreame series board this seema to have a very limit component list indeed. Does anyone out there know of a solution for this problem?


      Motherboard bios 5893


      Video Adapter: XFX HD-577X-ZNFC 5770