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    Matrix RAID: resize partitions in RAID0/1 volumes?


      I have two identical 1TB hard drives which have two RAID volumes. Firsti is RAID1 which contain C:50GB and F:500GB, and RAID0 which contains D:250GB and E:500GB. Integrated raid controller is ICH10R (Asus P5Q-E board). There is no free space left to allocate.


      Now I want to create a new 50GB partition in RAID1 volume by reducing C-drive by 25GB and F-drive by 25GB. This new partition will contain Windows 7 64-bit and C-drive still has old WinXP so it would be a dual boot setup.


      How I can do this without losing any data?


      Extra question: Is it possible to put RAID0 volume first so it begins from outer circles of hard drives for fastest performance and then RAID1 volume? I tried this when I installed WinXP, but it says it can't install to RAID1 volume if it is not the first RAID volume (volume0). I put RAID1 volume first, but lose some performance in RAID0 volume because it doesn't start from outer circles.