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    DX58SO (Bios 5529) Logitech USB Illuminated KB not detected AGAIN !!!!!!!


      Once again I have to take my hat off to the brilliant BIOS programming from Intel.


      My Logitech Illuminated Keyboard has been detected and worked through every single BIOS release for the DX58SO.


      Bios version 5506 was the first one to suddenly not be able to detect this USB keyboard, this means you cannot ever get into BIOS unless you have another USB keyboard lying around. It also causes multiple POST attempt failures after updating the BIOS.


      Bios 5529 once again has the same bug which obviosuly has NOT been fixed or addressed by Intel despite people complaining here in the forums.


      Detecting a USB keyboard is NOT rocket science and not everyone has a spare USB keyboard lying around.


      Seems to be a waste of time complaining here because clearly Intel is NOT LISTENING !!!!