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    HD Graphic installation problems




      I have setup a new system & configuration as follows,


      Intel Core i3 540 @ 3.06Ghz

      Intel DH55PJ board (With Intel H55 Express chip set)

      2GB DDR3

      Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit


      This is not a branded system & I need to use Integrated intel HD Graphics, but the drivers came with bundled CD is not supporting. after I install the drivers & once the system re-starts it is not log on to windows & re-starting again & again. But I can log on through safe mode.

      I have tried each & every driver I could find on the net also, But still no success & running with Standard AGP graphic adapter.

      Thanks in advance if someone can help me on this.



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          Try the driver here. If it's still not working you may post your question to the Desktop Board forum.

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            Thank you very much for trying to helping me. Actually i have download this driver earlier & installed it but there was no success. anyway this morning i have downloaded all the windows updates & installed. but unfortunately there was an update for "Intel HD Graphics" & once after re-starts, the problem starts again & i  have ended up with start repair dialog box. it offer me a system restore & once after it finished all the updates has gone.


            So again i downloaded windows updates, but this time i cleared the check box for "Intel HD Graphics". once after all install & re-starts problem came again (I disabled the C -state & C2-State in bios Power section before this boot up). this time also i selected Startup repair, but i canceled the system restore it offered & went to the advance options. in the advance recovery options i have done a memory diagnostic & after re-starts.........Boom... it boots up to the windows & there was a Intel HD Graphics as my display adapter.


            I don't know what was happend & what is the actual issue was. but i'm suspecting Windows Updates done the trick.


            Thanks again for the reply.



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              Actually i was wrong, the problem was with the C-State & C2-State in Bios power options. So if anybody is having this problem please disable both C-State & C2-State in Bios Power options.


              Good Luck.

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                Thanks Sathika for this help.

                Actually I was suffering  from same problem past 6 months.

                Even I had purchased a GeForce 9800TX PCIe Card for display, but it also suffered from same problem.

                After disabling C- State and C2-state in bios, the problem solved.


                Thanks Thanks Tnahks and many many thanks.