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    i5-750, problem with one core...



      I have a intel i5-750, P7P55D motherboard, DDR3-1333 2X2Gb ,ATI HD 5770 512Mo, 500Gb SATA Antec 650W.

      I recently update my BIOS for have the latest version.

      Since, my second core is always load at 60% or more.

      But nothing is runing on my computer, I check in task manager.

      Anyone else have the same problem, or do you have a solution.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Download and run Intel's Processor ID utility. You might also want to run Intel's Processor Diagnostic Tool.

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            Ehh, there a fail in the test...



            --- IPDT64 - rev ---

            --- Start Time: 01/31/2011 20:00:44---

            --- Skipping Config ---

              --- Reading CPU Manufacturer ---

            Expected --> GenuineIntel
            Detected --> GenuineIntel
            Found --- Genuine Intel Processor ---

              --- Temperature Test ---

            Temperature Test Passed!!!

            Temperature = 65 degrees C below maximum.

              --- Reading Brand String ---

            Detected Brand String:
            Intel Core i5          750   2.67GHz

            Brand String Test Passed!!!

              --- Reading CPU Frequency ---

            Expected CPU Frequency is --> 2.67

            Detected CPU Frequency is --> 2.66924

            CPU Frequency Test Passed!!!

              --- FSB NOT Supported on this Processor ---

              --- Running Base Clock test ---

            Detected Base Clock --> 140

            !!! ---  Base Clock test  Fail --- !!!

            --- Test End Time: 01/31/2011 20:00:57---



            Do you have a solution?

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              Did you make some adjustment in the bios? Maybe you should try the techsupport of your mobo to give you the needed guide.

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                As you saw, the Base Clock (BCLK) is slightly high, at 140MHz instead of 133MHz.  That might be due to a BIOS adjustment of the BCLK for the CPU, or due to overclocking memory.  You should check you BIOS and see if it is set to 140 and change it to 133.


                On the other hand, the reason why you see an error on your BCLK is because it is just slightly outside of the tolerance setting in the test configuration, which is set to +/- 5%.  Five percent of 133 = 6.65, so the range of BCLK values that will pass are from 126.35 to 139.65.  BCLK is really an integer without a fraction, but 140 is just outside of the tolerance.  You can set the BaseClock Tolerance from the Config option at the top of the IPDT window, and increase it to say 10%, so that test will pass and the program will continue.


                Regardless, I don't think that is what is causing that core to run at 60% all the time.  Your CPU may be defective, and the only "fix" for that is to return it to your retailer or Intel.  If you can change BCLK to 133 in your BIOS, run the CPU test again and see if it fails again.  If you cannot change it and it is stuck in the CPU at 140, that may be enough to show the CPU is defective.  You could use the test results to show the CPU is defective and have it exchanged.


                It is also possible that your mother board is not working correctly and causing the CPU to run strangely as it is.  That is difficult to test and diagnose.


                I suggest you don't worry to much about the BCLK error and focus on the strange core usage value, which is likely the CPU.  Change the BCLK tolerance value in the Config of the IPDT program, and let all the tests complete.


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                  If you have modify your bios settings put them back to default and see if you can eliminate the error. If not contact the techsupport of your mobo.

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                    Finally, I reset my BIOS, and make Windows update and update my driver for my internal sound card...

                    Since, I haven't an problem.