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    memory issues with DP55WB mobo..BSOD


      i bought a barebone kit  computer and it a sweet system...when it works and the memory that they put with it was OCZ pc3 10666 7-7-7 @ 1.65v PN: OCZ3P1333LV4GK. ever since i got everything working i would get constant restarts and even the BSOD all the time, when it was running i culdn't shut it down cuz than it would do the same BSOD..i have to keep it in sleep mode when i am not using it. Now for my question is the memory a problem, but i love this memory cuz it does the speed really well and it was more but i dont see how this would be a problem on a i5 series motherboard. if i have to get a different type of memory what would be best in the OCZ category. I haven't played with this desktop cuz of its problem and i want to use it cuz it cost me a really expensive penny.