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    Intel dq57tm motherboard memory issue.


      Hi there, I have an Intel dq57tm motherboard, running an I7 860 with 2 X 2GB sticks of DD3, nvidia 8500 GFX card.  I have installed windows 7 Ultimate (X64), my problem though is that only 1.93GB of the 4GB is available to windows.  The rest is allocated for hardware.  BIOS does show the ram installed in the correct blue sockets and does reflect 2 2GB banks.


      I thought initially this might be an issue with my OS, so to eliminate this I ran a copy of Fedora Linux (64Bit again) from a live cd and checked available ram from a command prompt (free -m command) it gave me again 1.93GB free, so I think its fair to say this issue is not OS related.


      Some people have suggested that there is a memory mapping option available in bios that I can change to try and remap the ram, I can not find this in the bios for the board and I also upgraded to the most recent bios available.


      Can anyone suggest a sollution, as I am wanting to add more ram, though it would be pointless if all this gets allocated for hardware also.