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    Clearing CMOS on a DQ45CB motherboard


      I have a new DQ45CB, which produced no video using the default on-board graphics system. I put in a pci-e graphics board, and the screen appeared as it should have.


      I went into the CMOS BIOS, and foolishly changed the default video setting from AUTO to Inboard, thinking that might force the native display to work. It did not, and of course I could not get back to the BIOS to change to AUTO.


      I removed the battery, and waited one hour, as an Intel support document recommends. This has had no effect.


      Any recourse?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Unbelievable. I followed the tip from another Intel user with a similar problem on a different motherboard. Follow your instructions for Recover BIOS using the recovery mode.


          Put the latest BIOS .BIO file on a CD-ROM (this is NOT an ISO image--just a file).


          Remove the jumper from the BIOS configuration pins (this put the machine into recovery mode).


          Boot the computer (I know--you can't see anything; just do it).


          The other gentleman said it took four iterations to accomplish this, but mine worked on the second.


          New BIOS and video, too!