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    D945GNT Motherboard has died - Need RAID data


      We have an Intel mobo model D956GNT with on-board RAID 5. This board uses the ICH7-R (G41) chipset with the Intel 82801GR raid controller. We were using it with the on-board Intel Matrix Storage RAID 5 configuration and the motherboard has completely died.


      I am hoping that we will be able to recover our data from the RAID array using another motherboard, but I can't seem to find compatibility information for the ICH8 or higher chipset. Does anyone know if it will be able to read our ICH7-R array?


      I am looking for an exact replacement from surplus/auction sites, but I do have another server with an ICH8 chipset (board is DQ965) and will try that later today.


      Thanks for any advice,



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          Of course your hoping the controller didn’t take out the array also...are you sure it not a PSU problem also?


          Really you don't have to get a Intel board just any make like GIGABYTE or ASUS that has ICH8R, ICH9R, ICH10R or PCH (P55,P67, H57) they are backwards compatible to see your array however if your OS was on the array having it boot with new hardware may be a problem but will not harm the data.


          What you will need to do is enable RAID in the BIOS nothing more.


          If the DQ965 has ICH8R, ICH8DH, ICH8DO it can support RAID the ICH8 does not.

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            I tried swapping P/S, CPU, RAM and the board is still dead in the water. I get a green LED on the mobo though but it won't power up.


            I tried a Supermicro C7X58 motherboard with ICH10R and it didn't recognize the array, that's what prompted me to look around for the ICH7R version of a motherboard. Nothing at my local Fry's or Central Computer, so I guess it's on to eBay.


            Also, I read that the DQ965 mobo I was thinking about using uses a "host raid" or software raid that is not compatible with Linux. The O/S is on a separate drive so I'm not worried about getting the system up and running. I just want to know the RAID data is still there.