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    Firmware Update Tool V1.7 ISO file


      Hello, I'm a new user of X25-M 80GB SSD drive.

      Today I got a V1.7 ISO file, 011102M388208850.ISO and burned it on a CD-ROM media. After changing SATA to IDE mode, I did a cold boot of my PC. But error messages are shown.

      Loading Operating System ...
      Boot from CD/DVD :
      1. FD 2.88MB System Type-(13)
      FreeDOS kernel build 2036 cvs [version Aug 18 2006 compiled Aug 18 2006]
      Kernel compatibility 7.10 - WATCOMC - 80386 CPU required - FAT32 support
      (C) Copyright 1995-2006 Pasquale J. Villani and The FreeDOS Project.
      All Rights Reserved. This is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO
      WARRANTY; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the
      either version  2, or (at your option) any later version.
      - InitDiskBad or missing Command Interpreter: command.com /P /E:256
      Enter the full shell command line:

      Is this ISO file corrupted? I tried some times (inc. IE cache clear), all are same.

      My PC has a H55 express chipset and Windows 7 works fine on this SSD.

      ISO file size was 3,942,400 bytes.

      Regards, YKJ