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    D975XBX and SPD memory


      I've installed a new D975XBX mobo and used the DIMMS from my previous mobo.  The computer won't boot now.  I've read that the board requires a "Serial Presence Detect" feature on the memory sticks, I'm not yet certain that my memory has that feature (apparently not).  Anyway, I'm waiting on replies to that question on the memory manufacturer's forum.


      My question here is whether using non-SPD memory sticks will cause the computer to not boot at all or give an error message/beeps.  Currently I see a lighted LED when I hit turn on the power supply.  There is nothing, however, when I hit the power-on switch.  No fans, no beeps, nothing.  Only the LED on the mobo remains lighted.


      After considering other issues I'm sure it's probly the SPD issue so I guess I'll order new memory.  Unless you guys can tell me that I should be getting some other kind of response while trying to boot with non-SPD memory.


      Thanks in advance for anything.