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    s3420gplc drops hard drive on port 0


      I have 2 servers running identical hardware configs : Xeon X3440, s3420gplc, 6gb kingston ram, 2 Hitachi 1Tb drives in a mirror. One of the servers is running Server 2008R2, the other Windows 7 Pro 64bit.


      Both servers have been dropping the hard drive on port 0 from the mirror. It will rebuild by simply telling it to use the drive and it will be fine for a month then do it again. When i just had the first server built i figured it was the hard drive and would just replace it but when the 2nd server did the same thing ( built a few months later ) i'm thinking there must be something up with the on-board raid controller on that series motherboard.


      has anyone else come across this? i haven't done a lot of research but did some quick searching and came up empty.