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    driver issues


           I have a problem with a program called SMAC 2.0, a MAC address changer from KLC Consulting. I have been running this program on my laptop successfully for about a year now but recently, just before Christmas, it stopped working and I cannot revive it. The operating system is Windows XP and my wireless adapter is an Intel 3945 ABG. The program appears to have stopped operating shortly after a driver upgrade. A visit to the computers registry shows that any MAC I type in is being transmitted to the registry but not becoming active. I have disabled any other potentially conflicting wireless control programs and reduced security to just Norton 360. The company that produced the program seems to agree that the problem must be the driver. Is there some new feature with Intel drivers that I don't know about or have I overlooked something. You can post your thoughts or email me at ntinston@telus.blackberry.net