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    Intel DQ45EK with 8GB RAM doesn't boot




      This document: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/16959/eng/DQ45EK_SpecUpdate08.pdf says, that it is possible to install 8GB of RAM onto a Intel DQ45EK. So I took this RAM: http://www.mushkin.com/Memory/Silverline/996762.aspx (2x4GB) and installed it onto my board. Before I had 2x2GB.


      This is the effect:

      2x2GB installed: everything works fine

      2GB in Slot A and 4GB in Slot B: works fine, too

      4GB in Slot A and 2GB in Slot B: Management Engine tells me, that it failed to start, but system works.

      4GB in Slot A and 4GB in Slot B: System hangs before BIOS. All HDDs are starting but there is no beep-sound and it doesn't show anything on screen and doesn't do anything.

      4GB in Slot A and nothing in Slot B: same as 2x4GB

      Nothing in Slot A and 4GB in Slot B: Management engine says, that there has been a memory decrease and there is nothing installed in Slot A


      Deactivating the Management Engine doesn't change anything.


      Changing the 4GB-modules doesn't change anything, too. Both seem to work, this doesn't seem to be the problem.


      So how can I use 8GB of memory?


      Greets from Germany