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    DX58SO2 + SATA III + C300 = BSOD


      Anyone have a fix for this? I see many people having this problem but no solution, yet. Somone in another thread recommended installing the OS and drivers with the SSD on a SATA II port then making the switch to SATA III which I tried but I still have the same problems. BSOD caused by the Marvell driver and No Boot Devices. When it does work I am not getting the speed from the SSD that I should be getting. HDTune shows 250MBs and CrystalDiskMark shows 325MBs.


      I am running



      Intel i7-980X

      12GB Kingston RAM

      Crucial C300 128GB

      ATI V7800

      Plextor CD/DVD

      Corsair 650W

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          Well it just keeps getting better. I imaged two more of these systems yesterday and left the SSDs on the SATA II port hoping that they would be alright. This morning when I power one of the computers on it halts at E6 (started connecting drivers). I reset the CMOS then got a Checksum error that was stuck in an endless "press an key" loop. I restarted again and now the system halts at EB (Calling Legacy Option ROMs).


          WTH Intel?


          I have 6 of these systems here that I cannot deploy because they don't work.

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            Well it seems that the board also doesn't like my Plextor PX-L890SA CD/DVD drive. If I leave the burner plugged in (SATA II) the board will hang at EB (Calling Legacy Option ROMs). This is now happening on two machines. I have also had this problem before on a DP55WG board. The only way I got it to recognize all the drives again and boot was to unplug all the drives, boot the computer, shut it back down, hook the drives back up, then everything would work again.


            I'm going back to the DX58SO until all this gets cleared up.


            What kind of testing does Intel do on these boards before they get released? Or is the testing just left up to the public to deal with?

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              Installed the latest BIOS and still getting BSOD when trying to run the SSD on the SATA III port.


              mv91xx.sys FFFFF8800115567B base at FFFFF88001123000


              The drive did seem to be stable using the msachi driver but there's no gain in performance over using the SATA II port so whats the point.

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                Intel's Research Department is looking into this. I guess I'll post the fix when they get back to me, if anyone is interested.

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                  Hey Stephen

                  I'm having very similar issues to yours. Having to run both my SATA3 drives (a Corsair SSD and Western Digital HD) from the SATA2 ports at the moment on my DX58SO2 to avoid BSODs and random hangs. Would be interested to hear of anything Intel R&D have responded with.



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                    I'm having very similar issues on a DX58SO2-based system I am trying to set up.  I can't get Windows 7 x64 to install on any WD SATA3 hard drive (Velociraptor or otherwise).  If I use a SATA2 drive on the SATA3 port (worthless, I know), it works fine.  I've pinged Intel on this, and they are having their engineering team look into the issue.  For now, I've had to move the drives to the SATA2 controller.  I'm not sure if this is exclusive to WD SATA3 drives, or if other brands would be effected.

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                      cpu =I7-980x


                      ssd=ocz 120ex


                      I'm having the exact same problem ie: random BSOD's with an MV91xx error.


                      I cloned the ssd to a seagate sata III drive and the probem went away.


                      if i reinstall the ssd the probem comes right back.


                      No doubt that the probem is dx58so2 + SATA III + SSD


                      I"m going to try running with the sd on the a sata II controller and see if the problem goes away.

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                        If I were anyone trying to use the SATA3 ports... I would try very hard not to. There's very little to no real-world benefit, anyways (not to SATA3 as a technology, but to using the Marvell SATA3 controller versus Intel SATA2).

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                          It's certainly the Marvell controller/driver that's at fault. I think we'd all like to be able to run our SATA3 drives at full tilt, on a MB that made a big show of having SATA3 as a feature. Here's hoping Intel or Marvell can come up with a fix that both brings the Marvell SATA3 up to scratch, and fixes these BSOD issues. As it stands the whole thing is massively broken ...