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    DX58SO chipset cooling options?


      I'm wondering if anyone has found a good alternative to the stock chipset cooler that ships with the DX58SO motherboard.  I'm sure it does a fine job and all, but I was hoping to find something a little quieter.  I've heard many people say that you can just remove the fan and the passive cooling is enough, but I'm not sure what the normal operating temperature is for the chipset, and I don't want to cook it.


      I'd like to get rid of the tiny, loud, annoying, buzzing, fast-spinning fan that it has on it and replace it with either a good passive cooler, or something with a larger fan that I can throttle down to a reasonable RPM.  The rest of my system fans are quiet as can be, but the chipset fan is horrible.   Most of the coolers I've seen seem to have the 2 clips instead of the 4 screws / 4 clips mounting that this unit has, has anyone found any good replacements you can suggest?