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    DH67BL 0098 Bios Wake On Lan


      Wake on lan from sleep mode appears to have stopped working with the newest bios update. I'm using Windows 7 x64 and the newest 15.8.1 network drivers. Downgrading to the previous bios release 0076 fixed the issue.

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          When I upgrade with a new bios, and I upgraded my DH67GD with 098, I usualy re-install Intel Management Engine driver, even the same revision.

          This is even more true when le ME firmware has been modified in the bios (and it has).

          Dont know if this can help for your problem.

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            I did try that. Actually, I updated the BIOS then formatted my drive before installing all of the drivers. I left all of the Windows settings the same before downgrading. It appears that the link light did not stay on with the newer BIOS after my PC went into sleep mode. FWIW, I could set the option to allow WOL from power-off and that seemed to work as normal with the new revision.