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    Re: Intel(R) Processor ID Utility


      I downloaded the file [pidenu26.msi] and tried to run the program on my Window XP sp3 (32bit) machine. The Installer starts but gets interupted by an error dialogue box with the Message Error 1324: The path to My Pictures contains an invalid character Click "OK" the the Installer shield comes back with the ~interupted no change to system~ message and "Finish" the only option ??

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          Try CPUz it's a free download . Does basically the same thing.

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            @Robert Gifford thank you for you assistance I have already CPu~Z installed.

            As this did not give me the exact I.D. for the CPU I was trying something from this Site which does not work as it should and I was interested enough to write a post regarding this fault. I would like to know if this is a functionality problem or a fault from my end. I searched the Intel but only found this  and it's really only a registry "Published On : November 16, 2008 12:00 AM PST" That was also the reason for tagging it with the error number so if anyone else was looking for it as a fault the may find answer for that error ??

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              I have installed that program (english version) and it is working fine under XP SP3. Have you tried the OS independent version or the bootable version?


              It seems that your OS have some problem with file association and probably associate the .msi file extension as a picture file.

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                @Boyet thanks for your reply

                I tried to open the file using FreeFileViewer but now that you mentioned that it is a .msi file I see that this viewer does not open that file type. I did download the bootable version before I realized that I did not have a free floppy disc (unused). On the subject of Bootable I was wondering how to convert the floppy bootable version into a version suitable for USB flash drive as I could definitely transfer files off my flash drive (they are only .pvr files and it will not degrade the quality of the viewing) ??

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                  Here is a link on how to make a bootable flash drive:



                  If you google it you might find another procedure which uses some program like HP USB Format Tool to make your flash drive bootable the easy way.


                  For fixing the file association or other problems you can run the Microsoft Fix It Center: http://support.microsoft.com/fixit/


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