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    [solved] Intel DP55KG - no boot - the blue death



      I've Intel DP55KG (an extreme series motherboard) (with Intel i5 750+ Kingston DDR3 4 Gb ram).It's an expensive & Hi-profile motherboard. But after long time experience I think it can't perform as it should or it has least features (& reasons to buy) than it's competitor.

      First of all when I bought this mobo 'DP55KG',as a proud owner of extreme series board,I aspect little more than average buyer,but I got none.

      From the beginning I experienced bugs & erroneous 'drivers & installation disk' and it has no value added features.(I definitely say-mobo which priced 5 or 6  times less than it- has great utilities & tools     eg. backup or clone or recover partition...)


      Now from last 1 month I face great difficulties with 'DP55KG'. I'd updated BIOS & what's the reason it can't boot normally. When 'DP55KG' suspended (to S3 level) or powered off unexpectedly or upon it's will it starts with “only blue lights on” (blue light only on motherboard).After the 'blue death' you can do nothing but turn off the main switch & plug off(yeah this is my discovery-that's true that I'd read something like that in some troubleshoot-but sure that not for every time).I've important works to do (& who doesn't) & waiting for half an hour every time after the 'blue death' it's “just great pain”. (now the situation is that when I turn it on I pray for 'no blue light')


      I've dual boot Ubuntu Linux 10.10 & Win7 (both 64-bit), I more use Linux & I can say that there are lots of problem,with simple shutdown to suspend the system. Some BIOS updates can't even restart the system,last update can't wake system from sleep.( It's true that the original BIOS tells-when rebooted or shutdown with Linux-that-system is not rebooted or shutdown properly or something like that. Yeah I think extreme boards are not made for Linux!!!??? It's now very hard for me to recommend Intel boards to any friend)


      I've done all that I can do to solve the 'blue death' but nothing work. I've changed BIOS from oldest to latest,clean & reassemble the system,check ram but still I've the 'blue death'.


      What should I do?

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          In the BIOS is it set to IDE or AHCI ???

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            It's IDE for hdd in BIOS.(sorry for delay ans)


            I want to know that 'only blue light' (no display at graphics card & nothing at post codes) is a stage or level of the motherboard or just a freezing of it?

            How can I quick back (here 'back to BIOS' switch isn't work) to normal other than waiting for half an hour every time???!

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              Still I've problem-no solution yet,when blue light or no boot happens-only one thing to do-power off completly & wait,wait,wait (after spending 3 times more money  than a normal computer what I get...wait & wait & a crappy thing) & retry with hope.

              So I hope that if I'd read about this motherboard I never bought it.That's why I'm writing for whoever search for Intel motherboards & their support.



              Do not buy Intel Motherboard (esp. Expensive & New ones).If you've enough money to test your luck & patience then go for Intel motherboards.

              Intel motherboard ખરીદશો નહીં (મહદ્અંશે જે ખુબ મોંઘા હોય અને નવા launch થયેલા હોય).જો તમારી પાસે વધારાના રુપીયા/પૈસા હોય અને મુસીબતો વેચાતી લેવાની ટેવ હોય તો તમારે જરુરથી Intel motherboard(s) ખરીદવા જોઈએ.

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                My system information (I've no hope for solution,but the information might help.)

                (Screenshot from "Intel Desktop Control Center" -a slow but working software(from few peanuts/cheap-like-Intel softwares).


                (& yeah they aren't providing any value-added,exclusive or very useful softwares like other motherboard makers providing.)


                Intel Desktop Control Center.JPG

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                  Hello everyone

                  Please help me to solve this problem.




                  I don't know what's the reason, why it can't boot. I tried everything   but still the problem is there.

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                    The simple fix is to turn off S3 and disable sleep/power saving modes in windows.


                    possibleible solutions is try different memory.  even try memory in different slots.  Make sure your memory timings are correct in BIOS.


                    It's hard to offer much more help than that.  Maybe list all parts with manufacturer name and model number of each part.


                    Hopefully you still have time to return parts for money back before it's too late.


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                      Thanks Mark Johnson

                      I'd tried all that what you suggest me!! But all are failed!!

                      Actually I borrowed 2GB ram from my friend & tested it as it's in the video.(I've 2+2=4 GB ram Kingston make which you can see in my previous post,I'd posted a screenshot of 'Intel Desktop Control Cente' software).

                      Afterall if there is anything wrong with the system can't boot, but it can boot sometimes & sometimes there is 'Blue Death' (& sometime it happens when I need the systm very most-when my little daughter is crying for watching Nursery Rhymes or songs & it can't boot )!!

                      I guess the BIOS memory (or related to it or the BIOS itself) has the problem!!??

                      Anyway I've spended so much money for this system that I'm sure I'll never do like this in future!! (atleast not with Intel-I'm over-budget now) & I can't see any hope with 'Intel service centre'.But I'll try atleast for once & I need some help on 'how to claim'!!


                      Thanks Again


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                        If it is randomly crashing it is usually a memory issue, or some timings setting is wrong. 


                        In order to help you further, I will need the make and model # of all pasrts in your system.


                        for example, my Kingston memory has a model # of KVR1333D3N9/2G printed on the package and on the memory stick itself.


                        Please do this for all your major parts.




                        Video Card

                        Power supply


                        as for contacting Intel, I just go to intel.com and go to the contact page and get their phone number and call them.


                        Check the DP55KG support page(contact support is on the left sidebar)



                        Check here for motherboard information:



                        Check here for memory compatibility chart(DDR3 non-ECC UDIMM):



                        you typically want generic DDR3 1333MHz 1.5v (9-9-9-24 2T memory timings) with no heatsinks and memory chips on only one side of the RAM.  These are low density RAM and work on most any board.



                        Good luck


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                          Hi Mark

                          Here is details of my PC. I use different tools to gather it. I hope this'll help...

                          ((Sorry Mark for late reply ))


                          CPU.JPG     Caches.JPG


                          Mainboard.JPG     Memory.JPG


                          SPD.JPG     Graphics.JPG


                          Here's other information gathered (in Ubuntu Linux 64-bit)






                          Yet I've no solution for this problem, I need help....



                          Brijesh David

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                            Here is details of Memory & PSU.


                            DSCN3767.JPG     DSCN3768.JPG





                            I've found that whenever I tried to test memory with Linux 'memtest86+' it shows this error :

                            error: too small lower memory (0x99100 > 0x8f000).
                            Press any key to continue

                            (I'd successfully tested my memory previously, buy since when this problem started I don't know...)



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                              Make sure to try just one memory stick at a time and check in each memory slot.  do this for both sticks.


                              It sounds like one memory stick is bad or one of the slots may be bad.


                              Let me know how that goes


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                                Hi Mark

                                I've checked RAM & I tried every way what did you say, but everything seems normal except the DP55KG-the mobo.

                                So I talk to one of my friend, who has a small computer shop, he gave the contact no. & address of 'Intel service centre'.

                                So I discussed the problem with them on the phone & they asked to send me my motherboard. So I sent it with my friend.

                                They told me that I'll get a new motherboard (thank god), (it's in process now!! - I think it'll take a week to get a new motherboard, -- refe. no : AZKG936000N6 for inquiry about it -- but I needed a PC right now because my parents are coming from Singapore to India, at this weekend & I've things to do with PC. Anyway I tried to put in life to my ooolllddd PC (Pentium - 3 with no usb - no ethernet ) & suprisingly it worked )


                                Thanks for your HELP




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                                  Hi & Everyone

                                  The problem was solved  many times ago (but I lost "login so I can't post anything further - I tried plenty of time but unfortunately it failed everytime!! ) by replacing the PSU (power supply unit)!!

                                  I'd replaced PSU with (the best PSU which I can afford) Seasonic X-760 Gold!!

                                  (I give 9.1 out of 10 to Intel for "support & RMA process"!!)

                                  Thanks for the support!!

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                                    I'm sooo happy same as My little ♥ Angel ♥!!


                                    The new one - Seasonic X-760 Gold replaced the old - Amacrox (still the old PSU seems fine to me, but it has some problem so it was replaced!!)

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