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    Problem upgrading to Core 2 Duo E7500


      I just bought the intel E7500 processor because according to the acer wesite my current motherboard is capable of running it. When I put the new CPU in I turn the computer on and nothing happens, it turns on but I just have a constant black screen. I know the likely answer is that I cannot support this CPU but according to all of the resources I can find my board shouldbe able to. Are there any other factors that could be stopping it from working? Any help would be great


      My computer

      ACER Aspier T690

      946GZT-AM motherboard

      according to what I can find this mobo supports up to 1066 FSB and 3.8GHZ


      the E7500 i'm trying to install has 1066 FSB and 2.93GHZ so I am stumped