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    Need help with comp temps Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8300  2.50GHz




      This is the case I have. I am having problems keeping my gpu and cpu temps down despite having 5 120MM fans on the case. I have two on the front of the case as you can see in the picture blowing inward. One on the top blowing down to push air through the case. One on the back side of the case blowing air onto the cpu and one below it pulling air out of the case and off of the gpu. There is also the back case fan pulling air out of the case. Note I also have a small gpu pci slot fan pulling air off of the gpu from under it. These are the temps I'm getting  with just WOW up not under any stress. ( Speedfan Temps)


      GPU: 38C

      Temp1: 38C

      Temp2: -128C

      Temp3: 30C

      Core0: 43C

      Core1: 43C

      Core2: 45C

      Core3: 45C


      These are the temp idle in wow. Once I get into an instance or start putting it to work the temps will jump up to 49-51C for GPU, and the cores will get up to 50-52. Speedfan shows these as a fire symbol and I'm not really sure why with that much airflow there is that much of a problem. When I first put it together it ran at 40C under dual windows of wow for the GPU and 45C max on the cores. Any help of what might be  causing this or a suggestions to how to lower the temps would greatly ease my mind. Also any other info needed just ask.



      Spencer Holcomb

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          Your temps don't seem that high at all. Have you tried any other monitoring software? you could also try IPDT http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=19182  To see what it says about your temps. but  personally i cant see your temps being a problem nor anything to worry about.


          Youy can always do the general thiongs of making sure teh case, fans and cpu fans are dust free, BIOS updates also can help.

          Also you9 can play around with teh airflow in your case, there is lots of info on the web about it. You could start here:http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/238184-31-case-airflow-positive-negative-pressure

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            I'm a bit confused about your description of your case fans intake and exhaust placement, but it sounds like you have at least one fan moving air in the wrong direction.  Generally speaking, case fans in a PC are configured like the following:


            Intake fans, pushing air into the case, are mounted on the front of the case, the bottom of the case, or on one side of the case.  Exhaust fans, pulling air out of the case, are mounted on the top of the case, and the back of the case.  Heat/warm air rises, so having exhaust fans at the top or near the top makes the most sense.  Maintaining a clear, unrestricted air flow is best, usually from the lower front and bottom, to the upper rear and top.


            You mention having one fan at the top pushing air into the case.  That will disrupt the air flow from bottom to top and cause chaotic air circulation in the case.  IMO you should turn that fan over to pull air out of the case.


            From the pictures of your case, it seems the top mount power supply (PS) configuration has a vent directly above it.  While mounting the PS to pull air into it from the case is Ok and was usually done in the past, serving as a case fan as well, today it is preferred to let the PS just cool itself.  If the PS has a fan on it's "top", pulling air into the PS, I suggest mounting it with the fan facing up below the vent in the top of the case.  If the PS fan is on the back of the PS, I would mount it so it's intake vents are facing the top vents of your case.


            I don't understand how you have three fans on the back of your case as it seems from your description, but all the fans on the rear of the case should be pulling air out of the case, not blowing air across the CPU cooler, if that is correct.  Are you also mentioning the fan that is part of your video card?  The PCI slot fan under the video card is fine, as it likely will not disrupt the cases air flow as your top and rear mounted intake fans will.


            Having fans that are next to each other moving air in different directions is not good and causes a strange flow of air.  The air being sucked in is then expelled by the other, serving no purpose.  If you can mount a fan on the side vent of the case, even done with zip ties, pushing air onto the mother board and video card, that would help cool both of them.  I can't see where the fifth fan is mounted in your case, but if it is on the bottom, that fan should be pulling air into the case


            The main thing you should do now is change the top fan to be an exhaust fan, and if a rear fan (not in the PS) is pulling air into the case, that should be switched to be an exhaust fan as well.