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      Hi I am new to here, I have after many years putting it off, decided to build a computer, nothing to grand I have my Mac upstairs, my laptop in the kitchen!

      I have bought my case, and have ordered the DG43GT motherboard (I am doing it the De Agostini way) a few other bits are on the way as well. What I am looking at is adding Bluetooth (for mouse keyboard and printer (to print tops for cakes)) also and this is the big reason for the build, as we are a blind partially sighted couple, the wife is not able to see much on the computer screen, so it is being added to the TV in the sitting room, so I want to add Wi-Fi to the system, can someone point me in the right direction?


      Recap DG43GT Mobo with Bluetoooth/Wi-Fi connect5ability.


      I have seen a combi board for this but it is listed as a mini PCI-E so assumed this to be no good