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    DP67BA + RAID = No SATA 6.0GB/s?


      It seems that every time that I enable the Rapid Storage Technolgy (onboard RAID) on the DP67BA, my 6.0GB/s VelociRaptor shows that it is only 3.0GB/s in the BIOS.  If I enable AHCI insterad, it goes back to 6.0GB/s.


      Is this normal?  I would like to use the 6.0GB/s SATA3 VelociRaptor and a 3.0GB/s SATA2 RAID 0 (2 drive) array.


      I am using the latest BIOS.


      Any thoughts on what I may be running into (other than not using a hardware based RAID).


      Also, when using the onboard RAID, Port #3 has a "EXT" next to it (in the configuration utility).  I have never seen this before.  I was thinking that it was eSATA, but it is the wrong port.  The red port is not #3.

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          After I installed the OS and the Intel RST RAID utility, it shows the drive at a 6GB/s transfer rate.  I looked in the BIOS and it still shows it at 3GB/s.  I may have to run some tests to see if it is really running at 6GB/s even though the BIOS says otherwise (bug?).

          As for the "Ext" in the (Ctrl+I) RAID utility, after loading the OS and Intel RST RAID utility, it does show one of the drives to be "external", even though it is most definitely internal.  It doesn't seem to be the port either as the "Ext" follows the drive, no matter what port I plug it into.  It also persists if I disable the eSATA function in the BIOS.