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    S5000PSL 3 Beeps


      Hi all,


      Some help please!


      My s5000psl beeps 3 time during boot. Looking at the manual this relates to a memory issue. The system has 2 1gb dimms.


      Steps taken:

      1. removed both dimms and booted again. still 3 beeps.

      2. inserted a single dimm into the first slot and booted again still three beeps.

      3. inserted the other single dimm still 3 beeps.

      4. purchased some more memory pn. kvr667d2d8f5/2g still 3 beeps


      The video never displays anything during the above.


      5. reset cmos, removed power, moved jumper to reset. Left it 5 minutes put jumper back and booted again, still 3 beeps.



      The diagnostic lights show msb red, bit 2 red bit 3 amber which i believe means:initial memory found and installed correctly.


      one other thing i have noticed is that in the bottom right hand corner of the motherboard,ny the ide connector, there is a light flashing on and off. I cannot find a reference to this led in the manual.


      Any ideas or is it toasted!