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    DP55WG, computer does not boot at all


      I recently built a brand new PC from the ground up.


      I believe my DP55WG is acting up, that or it's trying to tell me something.


      Upon first completing the computer, I plugged it into the wall. The computer made to start up on its own all of a sudden, the fans began to spin and I'm pretty sure all the electronics were active. The motherboard gave one long beep, and then the computer completely shut off, and would not respond to anything at all. The "standby" LED on the DP55WG is lit up, and that is my only visual clue of anything.


      So, to start ruling out things...


      All power connections to the motherboard are correctly and tightly connected.


      The cable and the power supply are not at fault.


      I was able to replicate the exact scenario after unplugging and replugging the power cable into the PSU.


      Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?