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    SC5200 server boots fine but beeps continuously?


      We have been having this problem for some time now with no resolution.  The server first just started beeping and would not stop, beep....beep and never quits.   After a while the server would just shut off and while trying to restart it the RAID 1 OS drives the run on a PCI card were no longer reconized.  I then opened the chasis and checked all connection with still no luck on powering up the drives.  I finally got the drives powered up by unplugging the power to the drives and plugging in a different power lead from the PDU.  After a while it went dead again.


      There is a system status LED on the front panel of the server that is amber.  I have found that this indicates a temp, voltage or fan problem.  I have replaced the internal PDU and power supplies, cleaned and reaplied thermal compound to both CPU's and have checked to make sure all fans are in good working order.  We are now able to boot the OS drives but are still getting the beeping.


      Any help on the would be great.