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    Intel Server Board S5500BC problem




      I setup a server with the following configurations:


      CPU: Intel Xeon E5620 2.4 GHz

      RAM: Kingston DDR3-1333 4GB ECC X2

      Mainboard: Intel ServerBoard S5500BC

      Power Supply: Antec True Power II New 750W

      Harddisk: Hitachi SAS 146GB 15K

      Chassis: Coolermaster CM690 II Plus


      However, when I finished building the machine and plug in power,

      before I press the power button, the main board has the following symptom.




      And I cannot power the system on.


      When I take the board out in an insulating plate to eliminate the chassis factor,

      the system did success to boot once to BIOS, then suddenly power down at about 1 min after boot.

      When the system is down, the Status, System and +5VSB LED flashes as shown in the video with a sound emitted from buzzer constantly at 1/sec.


      Is there anyone encountered such problem before?

      Is there anything I can do to solve it?


      I tried to contact Intel online chat support, and the answer they gave me is

      your chassis and power supply have not been tested by us.........So frustrating......



      Thank you for your help!




      Best Regards,


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          From the video I would guess that your power supply is over current tripping (which a 750w should notdo if everything is correct.


          Chassis mouting screws are the first thing that come to mind as not all mother boards have the same mounting holes. A stud on the chassis short circuitng the board could cause the PS to trip. (could also damage the mother board)

          The removal test tends to lead this way also.


          I would check the PS 5v stand by output rating to see that it is enought.

          You could also try removing everything from the board one piece / connector at a time. any USB connectors or devices, then RMM3(if installed),Front panal switches, memory, HDD's , CPU and anything else installed and then connect the power and AC.

          With nothing installed , the standby voltage LED should be on solid and the status LED should blink amber for about 30 seconds then go green indication the BMC is up.


          Yours is loosing 5v from the power suppy , over & over & over.....

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            Yes, I think that's the main cause of the problem, the power supply.

            I tried to troubleshoot by taking out the motherboard and put on an insulating plate, but the problem still exists.

            So I went to replace the power supply, the problem finally solved. Thanks

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              hi ,

              which power supply are you using now . i am buliding same system .


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                That was an Antec TruePower II 650W.

                Turn out that it was the problem of the power supply, so I replaced one and solved the problem.