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    Event WHEA-Logger on SUN Blade x6270M2


      Hi All,


      I have a warning in the event log who appears about 10 times each 2 seconds who seems to point out the Intel Chipset.


      Log Name:      System
      Source:        Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger
      Date:          1/25/2011 9:49:22 AM
      Event ID:      17
      Task Category: None
      Level:         Warning
      User:          LOCAL SERVICE
      Computer:      Cxxxxx.company.com
      A corrected hardware error has occurred.

      Component: PCI Express Root Port
      Error Source: Advanced Error Reporting (PCI Express)

      Bus:Device:Function: 0x0:0x5:0x0
      Vendor ID:Device ID: 0x8086:0x340c
      Class Code: 0x30400


      My system "seems to be" stable but this warning full my event log on two blade from two different chassis!!

      I try the most current Intel Driver (from Intel and from Sun). I've try the "Automatically detect and update drivers and software" option from Intel and install all the updates that the software suggest but nothing work!


      Here's my info;


      Windows server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V and failover cluster

      Sun Blade 6000 chassis

      Sun blade x6270 M2


      Someone can help??