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    Is Right for me?


      I currently have the following.

      Kingston SNVP325-S2  SSD   and   WDC WD500gb ATA

      These are on an ASUS P6X58D-E Board with an Intel 930 CPU.


      The drivers are the Microsoft Default drivers with Windows 7 Professional x64 build 7600.

      I DO NOT want RAID, but I do want the best I can get for the SSD.  I have a message into

      Kingston, but no response yet. 

      The BIOS is set at IDE, the default, and AHCI keeps Windows from Booting so that is a problem I

      am trying to track down.  I hear there is a register fix, but only hear, no solution. I do not want to

      re-install the OS on the SSD as again I hear the SSD must be CLEAN before the install.  This would

      of course wipe out 9 months of work.  I am not willing to do this.





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          I am replying to my post.  I found the Registry change that supposedly will have Windows install the AHCI drivers.  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES

          Click MSAHCI


          MODIFY  Change 3 to 0

          Re-Boot to Change BIOS Settings to AHCI.

          I am still wondering if I need this in order to have TRIM do its job.

          I checked and TRIM commands are ENABLED.