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    DH67CL PCI-X x16 connector and OCZ Revodrive


      Hello and thanks for the help and or information.


      I have a new build based on an Intel DH67CL motherboard, i7-2600K, and, among other things, a 120 PCI-X OCZ Revodrive, which has an x4 male connector.


      When and only when the Revodrive is installed (and it can only be installed on the x16 connector, the BIOS basically 'hangs' at the

                     BIOS Setting <F2>

                     Boot Menu <F10>


      Screen. I can enter Control I or Control S immediately prior and that works but once I get to the 'boot' phase, it stops dead. If I remove the Revodrive, and leave everything else exactly the same, everything works perfect.


      Some commentators have suggested the x16 is 'Graphics Only', which strikes me as silly because nowhere in the Intel documentation (which refers to it as the x16 graphics graphics connector) is it suggested this is somehow a 'special' OCI-X slot which doesn't work with an x4 card like any other PCI-X x16 card would.


      So, two questions - first - is this a 'special' x16 slot or a standard x16 slot which is just usually used for, but not reserved for, Graphics.


      Second does anybody have any suggestions experiences with the Revodrive on this motherboard? Any work arounds (I assume its the Revodrive and I have a 'ticket' in at OCZ.


      Thanks again