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    Intel DP67BG - New Build Problems - Help!


      Ok today I received my long awaited motherboard, a DP67BG, to use with my new 2500K that I bought last week at MicroCenter. I am switching over from AMD and today was my day to build my new rig and I was so excited to get everything up and running.  I am now having a major problem and I have no idea what's wrong.  I have built PC's since 2005 and I am not a novice and I am always very careful when putting together a new rig.  Here's my problem; the board will not post. Whenever I plug in my power supply to boot the PC for the first time, all that happens is that the Power Button will continuously flash, and that's all that happens.  The CPU fan doesn't spin up, there are no beeps from the speaker and no error codes.  Nothing happens and I have tried manually pressing the Power Button, Reset Button, Back-To-BIOS Button, etc. I have reseated my CPU, reseated my RAM and reseated my video card.   I have taken the motherboard out of my case and put it on a non-conducive surface, taken out the CMOS battery for 30 minutes along with unplugging all power cables from the board.  I put it all back together with only the CPU, Heatsink and both power cables connected and nothing else connected.  I was hoping to hear 3 beeps when I turned it back on...well that didn't happen.  The Power Button just keeps flashing at me in an evil way! LOL.  


      I only have one PC so after I couldn't figure out what the heck was wrong with my new mobo,  I put back together my AMD 1090T rig.  It's all back in the case I was using for the Intel build.  Everything is working great so I know it can't be a power supply issue.  Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?


      Here are my components:



      Intel DP67BG

      XFX GTS250

      WD VelociRaptor 300GB

      Corsair HX620

      Cooler Master Hyper 212+

      Patriot Viper II 4GB (2x2GB)1600MHz 8-8-8-24 @1.65V

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          Is your PSU adequate for the new build (not the old one)? Just to be sure, did you plug the 2x4 and 2x12 connectors as reflected in the product guide or tps guide?

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            Check the PIN-OUT on power switch to case make sure you have all your ,, ((  +  ))  and ((  - ))  Right something must be backwards.

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              Thanks guys for your responses.  I think I may have narrowed down my problem.  Last night, after the board sat for over 2 hours with the battery out, I breadboarded it and it worked!  All I had connected to it it were the 2 cables from my power supply and all that was installed was just the CPU with the stock Intel cooler.  I then turned it off and installed both sticks of RAM and it also worked when I turned it back on.  I figured then that everything might be fixed so I preceded to install everything back into my PC case.  I don't like using a stock cooler so I also took the time to install my Cooler Master Hyper 212+. Well after getting it all back into my PC case, guess what?  It wouldn't work and all that happened was the Power Button constantly flashing.  I obviously must have a short somewhere.  It may be one of two things:  either my Hyper 212+ is not compatible with the DP67BG and the backplate is causing the short or the fact that I am only using 9 standoffs in my case.  The motherboard has 10 screw holes in it but I only have 9 standoffs so I figured it would be OK to install it.  Do you guys think that not using one of the motherboard standoffs is causing a short?

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                No standoff cannot cause a short. A connected standoff can. Check that you are using the correct holes for the standoffs. Also your suspicion about the CM212 may be a cause. It will be a bit of work, but remove the whole lot again. Check the board outside the case, "barebones" with the CM212 attached. If it still has a problem, revert to the Intel cooler. If the problem goes away, install in the case with the Intel cooler and check again. Elimination is the only way.

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                  You could remove the cooler and back plate get some thin rubber and a pair of sissors and make a insulator. . I had to do that with a NOCTUA , NH-U9B cooler , after that worked no problems.