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    DG43GT Mother Board Issue "Turn Off Power & Reinstall the Jumper in Normal Mode"




      I have a DG43GT Motherboard with 8GB Ram and Dual Core Processor, have been using it from last 1 year with Windows Vista, recently about 1 month back, i started facing problems while turning the desktop ON by getting a message "TURN OFF POWER & REINSTALL JUMPER IN A NORMAL MODE" after 2-3 reboots Windows boots somehow and now with the increase in no of reboots to avoid this issue, i am not going any further from this error. Everytime i turn the desktop ON it will make me go through the CMOS Setup Window and then back to TURN OFF POWER & REINSTALL JUMPER IN A NORMAL MODE Position"


      As a solution : Changed Mother Board Battery, Checked and changed the BIOS Jumper from 1-2 to 3-4 but no luck. tried changing CMOS Setting Multiple times but no luck.


      Could you please provide me a Solution for this problem, please.