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    my new Intel S5520HC keeps on beeping for about 39 times




      am building a new server of S5520HC with following components:

      XEON X5670 2.93ghz

      Intel thermal solution STS100A

      Intel chassisS5299


      My server keeps beeping for about 39 times and starts up, but shuts down after about 6 minutes.I made sure that the system does not overheat by giving external fan to keep it in minimal temprature.I know my server chassis is not in the recommended list by Intel butthe size is quite the same as chassis s5640BRP.


      and when i boot it up with one processor CPU1 only by removing physically the second CPU, it works at one instance and the next time it restarts.

      but if i remove cpu1 and start the server with CPu2, it does not start up and the fans don't work.

      at one point when i started up the server and looked at the BIOS for the CPU configuration, i can see both of my processors but on CPU1, there is an asterisk (*) next to it. could any body help and what does the asterisk imply.

      i really appreciate.




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          The chassis are not quite the same but they are close.

          Power and the box should be fine, but I am not sure the front panel will work.

          The HC needs a 2 wire temp sensor and the older chassis used a single wire system.


          Quick check if you getting into BIOS set-up would be to go to Server Management and select RESET on AC fail.

          Power-off, un-plug then up-plug the front panel, re-apply AC.


          After about 30 seconds the system should "RESET" (don't know why they did not just call it power on)


          Next you can check of a sequence of beeps. The TPS (Technical Product specification) list the BEEP error codes which may be reporting a memory error. (1-5-4-4 if i recall correctly) The USB descovery also beeps each time it finds a USB device attached, including beeps for internal hubs, keyboards mice etc.

          Better yet if it can get to EFI down load and run the SelView tool and see what is being reported in the SEL log.


          If the log looks clear and the system is stable (even if on only one CPU) update the BIOS code stack and when done go to BIOS set-up and press F9 to reset the BIOS CMOS defaults. (BIOS update fixed a lot of memory issues since the memory controller in inside the CPU.)


          With the BIOS updated and the system running stable, then you can deside what you want to do about the front panel.

          Choices are:

          • Leave it unplugged and use AC to turn on and off the system (not the best way)
          • Cut the wires / FP pin to the temp sensor ( I can look up which ones if you get that far) Fan speed may be higher than desired since to get the lowest possible fan speeds rely's on knowing the front panel temp.
          • If your really handy with a soldering iron, The front panel board has the locations to support the other type sensor, but the components are not on the board. I believe it requires 2 or 3 tiny components be added and one or two removed. (again I wound need to check)
          • Get a  S5640BRP front panel.


          Lastly * indicates which processor contains the boot processor. It is really a "who cares?" flag since it does not matter at all which core in which processor is assigned as the boot processor. Basically it is a race to see which one is the first one to come up. About 90% of the time CPU1 wins.

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            Thanks so much for awesome steps i should follow, and i forgot to mention one thing, my dual  power supply on has one a 4 pin processor power cord and another 8 pin processor power cord. would it have a consequence on the board or the system at all by using a connector to covert the 4-pin to 8-pin processor connetor which i have used on my S5520HC.


            Just additional info i missed,



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