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    S3420GLPX with Windows Server 2008 r2 Standard x64


      A couple easy questions for the experts. What would perform better on this board, 2 - 8gb 1333, 4 - 4 gb 1333 or 6 - 2gb 1333 (running at 800). I would guess the 2-8gb, but not sure.


      What is the memory requirement for a this board with a 4 core Xeon 3470 (2.93ghz) supporting 10 users on Windows Server 2008 r2 standard x64

      (application/ file server / dc). In the old days on Novell servers there was a guideline for system memory per user attached to the server. I remember seeing a recommendation/suggestion for memory per core in my original research, but I can not find it again. I am not running exchange or sql server. (I found that)


      I just wanted to get some more theory behind the server hardware and memory configuration from the experts.