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    H67 and 1:1 Pixel Mapping


      Hey gang,


      Just set up an ITX  HTPC rig based on the H67 platform (foxconn board + 2500k).  I'm noticing vertical banding on media played in Windows Media Player and Media Center when connected to my 55" LCD.  I previously encoutered this problem on my old rig and solved it by enabling 1:1 pixel mapping on my ATI card.  However, I can't seem to find any similar option for the Intel Graphic properties.  Anyone know what the deal is?  I've tried a few different resolutions but everything, including 1080P, is resulting in some measure of overscan (which is what I am trying to avoid).  The only solution I have come accross thus far is to connect via VGA, however I need the audio that's carried on HDMI so this really isn't a solution (and I'm a bit perturbed that using the newest tech chipset I would have to revert to analog graphic connections to get it to do what I want.


      Any advice would be much appreciated.