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    E8400 high temperature


      Hello, recently I purchased a processor E8400 and when I access the bios in the control hardware CPU temperature tells me 94 º C, I checked everything and is properly installed I read that these processors have a problem with the sensor is that true? for me to turn off and remove the CPU cooler fan and I play it is very cold like the cooler fan.


      Now in the windows 7 using a program for the processor temperature as the ancient called AIDA64 everest, I showed the following values:


          CPU 99 ° C (210 ° F)
          CPU # 1 / Core # 1 44 ° C (111 ° F)
          CPU # 1 / Core # 2 44 ° C (111 ° F)


      and the core temp program called


          Tj. Max: 100 º C
          Core 0: 42 ° C
          Core 1: 42 ° C


      Product of my PC


      * Motherboard: Intel DG31PR, then updated to the latest Bios
      * Kingston Memory Slot 1: 2GB, Slot 2: 1GB both at 667 in dual channel for a total of 3GB of RAM
      * Hard Drive 500Gb Western Digital Caviar Blue
      * Video Card Nvidia 8600GTS fooxconn


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          I'm having a similar problem. Here is what I'm getting:


          CPU temp: IDLE temp: 52 C

                           Active: 62-71 C


          My specs:


          OS: Windows XP SP2

          Motherboard: ASUS P5B-Plus series.

          RAM: 2GB

          Video: Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 1GB.


          Program used to diagnostic temp.


          ASUS PC Probe II. Comes with the Motherboard CD.


          I couldn't find any soultions to this so if you know something please help me

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            This program intel tells me something completely different to what makes the BIOS or another program to measure temperatures, and passes all the tests and processing temperature does not really understand what happens.


            And the PC has given me no problems so far even though the bios I mark something illogical 99 º C


            Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

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              bios update again and detected everything right, so there is a new version of your bios put it on the bios as well and I update on the update and go.


              This told me the sport technician via telephone this morning intel