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    vPRO need Radius?


      Hi !


      It is necessary to implement vPro, Install a RADIUS server?

      Do you know a link to indicate good practices or steps?


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               No, a RADIUS server is not a requirement, however in case that you are using 802.1x in your network, probably you already have a RADIUS server to manage it and vPro must be "aware" of RADIUS in order to gain network access while Out of Band.

               There are tons of documents about vPro configuration, however most of documents/step-by-step available is tied with a defined Management console (e.g. Microsoft SCCM 2007, LanDesk, Altiris, HP OOBM, etc.), so the first step should be manuals of your management console.


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            Dear Carlos, you have to perform some manual implentacion v-pro
            I implement in my company and am new to this technology, if you have it in Spanish would be better