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    DP67BG and i5-2500K


      Would someone here please share their overclock settings using the intel dp67bg and the 2nd generation i5/i7K CPU?

      I installed the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility but can't get a stable system yet.

      BTW, my ram is Gskill 8Gb DDR3 (dual channel 1333)


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            I have achieved 4Ghz with following settings:




            Hope this helps you. Keep in mind, that wehenever overclocking, first only overclock the CPU and leave the RAM at default speed. Don't change the BCLK, it's contraproductive. My board didn't even boot with 101Mhz. It just bothers me that when I set 100Mhz I only get 99.72Mhz (~99.8Mhz in CPU-Z).

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              Thanks for sharing Yidaki. I have obtained same CPU speed last night by moving the 4 multiplier sliders to 40. I upped the cpu voltage a bit too. After running the stress test for about 5 mins - I noticed the CPU speeds rising nearing 70C close to the 5 min mark.


              How are your temps under stress?

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                Well, my temperature was over 70°C, I think close to 75°C when I ended stress testing of the CPU @ default settings and boxed cooler.

                But for any overclocking I put the CPU under water. So I get very decent temperatures, see it for yourself (with 4,2Ghz in this case)




                This was at 23°C ambient temp if I remember correctly (it was cold here in Vienna, I had to bump up heating )