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    Intel DG45SG motherboard not booting - ?problem with Coolermaster SMPS


      I had been having problems with booting and sound muting after I changed the SMPS of my home PC to Coolermaster Power Plus SMPS 460W

      The system does not boot many times; and there is no beep also. After many tries it boots up to my windows XP professional.

      The problem while it runs is that sound gets muted when the volume goes up.

      Is it a problem of incompatibility between the DG45SG motherboard and the Coolermaster power plus 460W SMPS?


      My configuration

      Intel Extreme Motherboard DG45SG

      Core 2Quad processor

      4GB DDR 3 RAM

      320GB SATA HDD

      Coolermaster powerplus SMPS


      Thanks for advice