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    Problem with starting motherboard P8H67 (ASUS P8H67-V) after plugging SASWT4I on PCI-e


      Dear community,


      I think , this is right place to wrote this post. To this day, i used P5Q-PRO from asus, which I had plugged in the black slot PCIe a raid card SASWT4I (based on the chipset LSISAS1064E). It appears that the motherboard P8H67-V with plugged controller into black PCIe, do not want to start.
      Bios will not appear totally, the motherboard is dead. After removing the controller, everything works as expected.
      I changed the parameters in the BIOS to auto x2 x4 PCIe, but without effect.


      Please help, I have a controller for a year and do not want to give up on him, especially since the alternative systems need to virtualize it, like esx.


      mobo; P8H67-V
      cpu; i7-2600
      gpu; none, int.
      ram; ADATA DDR3 1600G 2x4gb
      hdd: 2x WD Black 2tb + 4x SAS Seagate (for testing both SATA and SAS where unplugged)
      hw-raid PCI-e intel SASWT4I


      I've allready informed asus about this problem on community forum


      best regards


      ps. sorry for poor english