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    Can't get past BSOD after loading RAID1 drivers



      I am trying to get beyond loading RAID drivers during a new installation of Small Business Server 2003 R2.


      * The motherboard in question is S3200SH;  this system is entirely viable because it has been in service

         for 3 years with the same OS but a RAID5  setup , although  it’s had performance/speed issues.

      * An embedded  RAID1 mirror array is configured (ICH9R SATA) in the BIOS , seen by the MB.

      * After starting the OS install, I do the “F6 key and install third party drivers from floppy “ thing,

         MegaSR.sys is loaded.

      * Proceeding with Windows Setup,   files are loaded,   “Starting Windows”  message appears lower left and  . . . . .

      * Bluescreen   -    STOP:  0x0000007B ( 0xF789EA94, 0x00000034,  0x0, 0x0 )

      * Googling the error yields little to nothing.


      Thoughts?  Direction?   Solution?


      Thanks,  Dave