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    Problems with several DH55TC / DH55PJ / DH55HC - Freeze/BSOD/Startup


      Hi Comunity,


      sorry for my bad English - i´m not an native speaker.


      My Company bought over the last time several new PC´s (about 30 Pcs). They where all assembled on my direct order with the components, I wanted.


      All the PC´s are equiped with Intel Mainboards (DH55TC, DH55PJ and DH55HC) - the most of them with the DH55TC Mainboard. Memory in all PC´s are 2x 2GB DDR3 1333 CL9 Memories (see below for more Informations). CPU´s are Intel Core i3 530 and 540 and Core i5 650 CPU´s (Boxed). Some PC´s have SSD´s, some have HDD´s, some have DVD-Drives (about 5 PC´s). Power-Supplies are from Enermax, Cases from Cooler Master (Elite 360). There are no additional Card´s installed.


      I tried Memories from Geil, AData, TM Memory and Kingston. OS ist Windows 7 Enterprise x64 with Bios 0040, latest Drivers & Co.


      Some of these PC´s don´t work well. Somtimes, they:

      • Freeze in Windows, no Mousemove, Keyboardinput and so on is Possible - only Reset works
      • Bluescreen´s
      • Application Crashes
      • Does not Start up - no Bios comes up. Turn off and on and the Bios comes up.


      I talked to the Geil Support (12 of these PC´s have Geil Memory installed) and they told me, to set the Memory Voltage to 1,6 Volt - these PC´s are looking now good. In some PC´s I replaced the Memory Modules to Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G - they are listed on the Memory Compatibility-Page (when you click the link on the Memory-Page) - but one of these PC´s Still freezes, another one looks good.


      What can I do to solve these Problems? I have read in this Forum, that there are a lot of defective Mainboards delivered to customers - could that be my Problem? In the last Years I had always bought Intel Mainboards (really a lot of them) and never had any problems with them - also not with any Memory Compatibility issues or anything else. Where is my Problem?


      The PC´s are not bought at a time. I bought them all in the last 3 Months.


      Please help me - my Boss wants a solution from me...


      King regards



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