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    Windows setup does not detect virtual drive in a Intel Compute Module MFS5520VI


      We have 6 Intel Compute Modules MFS5520VI which located in a Intel Modular Server MFSYS25 chassis. Because of OS failure in one of the server, I decided to setup a fresh version of windows on that server. As I've read on the manual, I shutdown the server, deleted the virtual drive which assigned as a boot device for the server, made another virtual drive as boot device and checked "Initialize Boot sector" option and waited until the background task was completed. After that, I boot up the server with a setup Win XP Pro 64-bit CD from an external USB DVD-Rom. When the blue screen setup of windows initilized completely, it came up with a message that says " Windows setup does not detect any physical hard drives on your system ". I've read manuals completely, but there is no information related to this issue.


      Thanks in advance for your time.