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    S3200 SHLX Server Board Failure?




      I have a server with a S3200 SHLX Server Board with a Xeon CPU and 8Gbs Ram (corsair).


      Have a little problem where this machine will shut itself down whenever it wants to.  By shutting down I mean, BAM!!!!  NO POWER  system is OFF.


      There are no Windows 2008 svr warnings or error, nothing in OS Logs nothing...


      I have checked the UPS the power, even have a digital clock radio connected to the same power as the server to test for lack of power to the machine.  Changed the Power Supply in the server today, still getting the same results.  The server just POWERS OFF.  monitor still running etc


      So, when you turn the PC back on again (after the POWER OFF EVENT) it starts up with a beep code of  High/Low High/Low.then it goes on to boot back into windows 2008 svr.  15-20 mins after I restarted the machine, Bam!!!!  off again. restart.  same beep codes.


      I am suspecting either a Bad Server Board or a Bad Processor.  Any clues?