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    D975XBX2 and the Intel Matrix Controller


      One of my desktop computer uses the Intel D975XBX2 motherboard in which two days ago when booting up the computer, the screen indicated that one of the discs in a two-dics array was not responding.  Also the operating system, windows vista was gone.  I switched the sata cables to the other two available slots (black in color) and received the same message.  The discs are Western Digital, 150 gb.  Next I went out and bought two 1 terrabyte drives also Western Digital.  I removed the two 150 gb drives including their sata cables, installed the two new 1 tb drives and cables into two of the Intel Matrix slots, installed windows 7 and within ten minutes was getting the same error message though windows 7 was still present and continues to be at this time.  I have moved cables around amongst the four black sata slots and still get the same message during the booting up screens.  Later today I went into bios and enabled the secondary sata controller and installed the latest driver for such.  Then I connected the old 150gb sata drives to the Marvell sata slots, created a raid array and during the boot up sequence indicated the array and discs were operating fine.  I should mention that ally drivers for the Intel Matrix controller were updated to the most recent drivers and the bios is up to date.  My question is, do you think I should disable the Intel Matrix controller via the bios and use the Marvell Controller for data safety on my 1 tb sata drives?  Of course that would mean mothballing the 150 gb drives but that I don't mind.  Would you say it is safe to assume the Intel Matrix controller has gone bad?  The motherboard is out of warranty.  Thank you for your time and advice.

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          If you have a question about saving your data stick with Marrvel , Until you can get a new board . If you are going to stick with a 775 sys to reuse some of the parts Look at the DX48BT2 Great board and are available on Ebay for good prices.

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            Thank you Mr. Gifford.  I suspected that this is the road I should take but to be honest, I have never had a controller go bad before.  Thank you again and I will definitely look at the board you recommended so I can re-use the existing parts in the affected computer.

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              The DX48BT2 is a good choice ,but unfortunately you would have to get DDR3-1333-10600 Ram , your DDR2 will not work , But the CPU and graphics cards and PSU and CPU cooler and most of your other components will work , I seen this board going anywhere fro $150.00 new to $225.oo so be careful where you shop The last ver. made was 207 that is the one you want. I have used this board with anything from dual cores to a QX9650 OC at 3.8, Right now I'm using a Xeon X3380 , Intel will tell you that you can't run a Xeon on this board but thats just not true. I use 8 GB DDR3-1333 clocked to 1400Mhz Stable all day long. Good Luck finding a good one you won't reget it.

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                Thank you again Mr. Gifford, you are a virtual library of information and a considerable help.  I actually have a 9 month old gigabyte ex-58 extreme motherboard in the basement in which the box has never been opened so I will use that.  I also have 6 mb of ram for that board in a drawer so I'm set, just dreading the idea of doing such.  That's a sign of laziness.  You sir should work in customer support, you are an amazing person and I can't thank you enough.  Thank you so very much!

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                  Well those parts sounds like a good begining of a super computer, Just chose the CPU carefuly, and get a good PSU ( Gold Cert. ) and think about getting a intel 160GB SSD for your boot drive , you will have a fast sys. Just make sure one of the first things that you do is to update the gigabyte BIOS. Early models were a little buggy.